Everyone wants to leave the hair salon feeling fresh and confident; your pet is no different! We offer a variety of grooming services at different price points depending on the size of your pet. From teeth brushing to a full body haircut, we ensure that your pup will leave Zeus’ Place feeling flawless! While our price quotes are fairly accurate, keep in mind that bigger pets need bigger services; therefore, prices may vary. Just like a full styling tends to be pricier than a trim, breed specific cuts, such as poodle cuts also may cost extra. Dogs should be dropped off and picked up at our grooming facility at 2520 Napoleon Avenue. The phone number for that facility is (504) 309-2144. Be sure to discuss pricing with your groomer at drop off!

Please Read

Drop off is between 7:30 – 9:00am on weekdays, 8 – 9:00am on Saturdays and Sundays. Pick up must be before 4pm at our Napoleon Avenue location (2520 Napoleon Avenue). Pick up after 4pm will include a $10 late fee. If an animal is not picked up before 5:30pm, it will be boarded overnight at our Freret location and boarding fees will be charged. All dogs must be up to date on vaccines. Proof of vaccinations required for all grooms.