Our Hurricane Policy

In an effort to ensure the safety of your pets, Zeus’ Place has a strict policy in place for all animals boarding at our facility during Hurricane Season (June-November). In the event of a hurricane, we will, at our discretion, evacuate the boarding facility. As we have learned in the past, even though the hurricane may pass quickly, we could be without power and potable water for a long period of time. Zeus’ Place will not house pets in that type of environment.

The staff at Zeus’ Place will put our evacuation plan into action when New Orleans is in the cone of probability and at 5 days prior to landfall. We will begin calling you and your emergency contacts at 4 days prior to landfall. Due to the large number of pets we need to evacuate, we will begin moving animals that cannot be picked up at 3 days prior to landfall. All pets will be removed from the building no less than 24 hours prior to landfall.


Your out of town contact information (phone and email).

Phone number of 2 local people who are willing to pick up your pets from Zeus’ Place in the event of an evacuation, and you are unable to retrieve your pet prior to our evacuation date.

Please make sure that your local contacts are willing to get your pets if we evacuate and you are unable to make it back prior to our departure.

Unclaimed Pets—No animals will be left behind at Zeus’ Place in the event of an evacuation. Zeus’ Place will transport any unclaimed pets to our safe house in central Mississippi at a cost to you of $800 per animal, plus an additional $100 per day until you retrieve your pet. This evacuation cost is independent of medical costs for special needs pets or other unforeseen expenses that arise due to evacuations. We will require a credit card number for all pets for which we evacuate.

Owners of evacuated pets will be given Michelle’s cell number. We will also be updating www.zeusplace.com, Facebook and Twitter with all relevant evacuation progress.

Failure to claim your pet prior to evacuation releases Zeus’ Place of all liability pertaining to the transport and boarding of your pet during the evacuation.

Click HERE to print out a copy of our evacuation form. You can print it out and bring it with you when you check in for boarding!